I'm Dean Verleger, a full stack developer who loves to open source. I leverage cloud services to build apps and collaboration tools. I'm currently building .NET & React apps and maintaining large TypeScript, SharePoint Framework, codebases with rush (@ EnVista). I love to learn, and I strive to maintain a good work/life balance.

About the site

Functionally, this site is part blog and part wiki. The source code is freely available on github.


  • Living in Wisconsin with my amazing wife Krista and our dreamy dog Knödel.
  • Enjoying socially distant activities like hiking and Table Top Simulator.
  • Making SPFX web parts, .NET React SPAs, Azure automations, and bash/PowerShell tooling at EnVista.
  • Studying German with course books, flash cards, and short stories.
  • Learning to use my first Linux based PC.
  • Making a habit tracking console app.
  • Currently Reading.
  • Practicing the art of tidying.